This is weird, right?”

Anonymous said: what is a wegmans?


Omg nonnie, I did like eighteen spit takes in a row because YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT WEGMANS? LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT WEGMANS. 

It’s a supermarket chain, mainly through the mid-Atlantic states (though there are three now in Massachusetts GOD IS REAL AND I HAVE SEEN HIM IN THE BULK CANDY AISLE AT WEGMANS), but it is so much more. SO MUCH MORE. 

So yeah you can get your peanut butter and your ice cream and your salsa there, but oh shit you can go to the bakery and get fresh, warm egg bagels, you can get FRESH RED VELVET CAKE, every store has an on-site sushi chef that just hangs out and wants to talk about sushi all fricking day, and all their store-brand food is labeled on the front with whether it’s vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free/etc, the employees are always super-nice and happy to be there, their take-out/sit-in cafes are so delicious that angels regularly weep over the hot entrees, and everything is reasonably priced so you can totally buy all the smoked duck breasts and dumplings and sea scallops you want (this in no way has any relation to my shopping list, nope not at all). 

It’s basically a castle filled with happy people and delicious food and if you ever get the chance to go to one, DO IT because you will never be the same (see: BULK CANDY AISLE). 

  • white man: well, if male privilege and white privilege exist, then how come my life isn't perfect? checkmate

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#台灣 #穆斯林 #茶會 在 #台北 #清真寺 • #Taiwan’s #Muslim gathering at #Taipei Grand #Mosque


#台灣 #穆斯林 #茶會 在 #台北 #清真寺 • #Taiwan’s #Muslim gathering at #Taipei Grand #Mosque

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mtwalker said: What was your reaction when you read the script for the season 2 finale?


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